Our Services

  1. MBI - Supply Chain Management
    • Auditing of Sub-suppliers.
    • Development of approved Tenderers listings.
    • Management of Australian participation and content on major projects.
    • Sourcing of materials, goods and services utilising MBI’s global network
    • Procurement hub development, especially Asia and Africa.
    • Provider of supply chain and procurement support services.
    • Establishment of preferred supply agreements with key / critical Suppliers to maximize value and resources.
  2. MBI - Project & Corporate Procurement Services
    • Assistance with sourcing goods and services globally for local project benefit.
    • Implementation / development of new systems, procedures and processes. Formalization and documentation of system development.
    • Mapping of project procurement strategy, development of procurement execution plan and production of project deliverables.
    • Assistance with tendering for major projects, including development of Client scorecard and mapping their evaluation process.
    • Building in-house expertise for all your procurement functions.
    • Transport and logistics studies.
  3. MBI - Client Relationship Support
    • Assistance with negotiations and managing existing Client relationships.
    • Business plan development and/or review in order to target specific Clients.
    • Assistance with seeking approved tender status for a specific Client; development of key relationships.
  4. MBI - New Business Development
    • Client database review and development.
    • Generation of new potential Clients or project leads and contacts. Development of strategies for working with these new Clients.
    • Assistance with identifying and generating new business opportunities.
    • Review and development of tender / quotation documentation to suit new Clients or industries. For example; changing focus from Mining to Oil & Gas.
  5. MBI - Business Systems Refinement
    • Auditing of supply chain systems.
    • Development of customized business processes to stream-line functionality within your organization.
    • Review existing systems and data, map development plan for identified areas of improvement.
  6. MBI - Customized Training
    • Business coaching and training of business development and sales teams.
    • Customized training to develop and provide best practice skills to your team.
    • Training and development of key supply chain personnel.


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